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Or, if you want to catch the bigger cousins of salmon – king or Chinook, the more you have to join in the salmon fishing in Canada. Have you always liked fishing? How about catching a 40-lb king salmon or much bigger? Yes, that's exactly what you'll get if you go for Chinook 6 hour fishing charter Gabriola salmon fishing. But, it actually doesn't matter whether you choose Quebec over British Columbia or where in Canada. If this is the case, have your bait or lure 50-60 feet behind your boat and 20-25 feet down.

The average http://www.thefreedictionary.com/salmon fishing size of salmon in Vancouver Island is about 20 pounds, although Chinook salmon near the Fraser River normally weigh within 50-pound range. Typically salmon are fished using spin or fly-fishing methods in these waterways. Salmon fishing in Canada sometimes require you to chartering fishing boats as they are often proven to be beneficial to you and to your group. We were often limiting out in just a couple hours with 6-10 Chinook (Kings). But, it is in Vancouver Island that the largest Chinook salmon was ever caught and recorded so far, weighing over 96 pounds caught in the Fraser River.

The crucial part, though, is choosing the right fishing boat charter. Nanaimo is one of the larger cities in Vancouver Island so it makes an ideal base point for families that are going on Vancouver Island salmon fishing trips. Chinook salmon fishing is absolutely power fishing at its best! So, take up the challenge, face the fight you've been preparing for and go get your trophy salmon! Vancouver Island salmon fishing offers breathtaking scenery in largely pristine and untouched areas.

The more your bait looks like wounded and struggling, the more it gets the attention of salmon. There are often reports of large salmon runs are coming down the coast. Find fishing charters that are capable of customizing your fishing trip. Many fishing professionals and sport anglers alike come to Vancouver Island in hope of catching Chinook salmon, spring salmon, or Chinook salmon, however you call it.

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After all, if fishing was so poor south of the border, how good could it possibly be just a ways north? What makes salmon fishing in Canada different from salmon fishing in other places and why is it very popular all over the world? There could be a lot of reasons why salmon fishing in Canada is something that many salmon fishing enthusiasts wanted to take. Chartering a fishing boat doesn't always end up sacrificing some of your needs.